TRAVEL: Beginners Guide to Cruising

Over two weeks ago,  my best friend and I experienced the life of cruising via Carnival Cruises for the very first time together! I know … I have been back for two weeks and its only taken me just 342034 days to finally start blogging about my ever so surreal vacation. I’ll be honest with all of you … I had such an extraordinary getaway that after I returned back to Vancouver I absolutely refused to get back into the momentum of work and other priorities as I was re-living the lavish and oh so relaxing life on board. The struggle could not have been more real and talk about some major withdrawals!


Now that I have finally came to understanding with reality; it only makes sense to designate the remainder of this week of blog posts to my amazing getaway. Let’s start with a beginner’s guide to cruising consisting of several basic yet significant tips/pointers:

– Show some love –

Your personal cabin steward is literally your right hand man/women while cruising. From the most minor requests to any vital questions/concerns they are your night and shining armor on board. Be sure to show your appreciation with a thank you card and some extra cash as they are the ones responsible for leaving elephant shaped towels on your bed! How ridiculously cute! PLUS it gets you better service 😉

 – Plan to the T –    

Every evening, alongside elephant shaped towels and some other remarkable creatures your room steward delivers an extremely detailed itinerary/schedule to your cabin for the following day. Which consists of all the ship activities, time slots of events taking place throughout the entire day from 7am-after midnight, details of dining, hours of operation for the gift shops, restaurants, etc … AND of course you should be taking full advantage of this itinerary and planning your days accordingly in order to make the most of your trip. Don’t forget to set those irritating early wake up calls!


– Savour that H2O –

Whether you are on board or exploring the island/resort … it is crucial to stay hydrated from the heat, all your day-day ventures, consistent walking and lethal hangovers. AND you will most likely be getting those upset stomach aches and food coma’s; therefore, substitute the cold juices and soda for a refreshing glass of iced water instead.

– Pack the comfy + cute essentials –

Only what you need. I packed so many ‘cute’ options and as the second day rolled in … I cared less about what I looked like and more about the overall experience. Ok, that’s  a lie .. I always cared about what I looked like but I wished I had packed more comfy cute options rather than the oh so chic outfits. PS; Do not bring a floopy hat and/or fedora with you; I took three hats with me and came back with seven in total. In other words … there are endless styles and options of hats to choose from on the ship and when you dock off AND they are ridiculously cheap.

Ensanada_1– Bring a surge appliance –

I had included this in my list of travel essentials and of course I completely forgot to pack it in my suitcase. I cannot stress the importance of taking a surge appliance! In our cabin there was ONE ‘useable’ outlet which I needed to straighten my hair with, charge two phones and a laptop on and play music on from one of the following devices. Frustrating much? Hell yes.

– Go that extra mile – 

In order to make the absolute best of your cruise getaway, I would highly recommend shedding those extra bucks and booking an excursion! We made two stop overs while we were cruising and decided that at one of the stops we will book an excursion of some sort to either relax or participate in a fun filled activity! Our amazing resort getaway in Ensenada, Mexico was beyond bliss and ensured our vacation was more memorable then we ought it to be.


And time to sign off and indulge in some Bollywood mania! Keep posted for the remainder of my travel diaries through LA, Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico via Carnival Cruises. Hope everyone is having an amazing week so far.

Did I miss any important tips? Drop me a line below and let me know! Xo

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