OOTD: Catalina Island

Oh Catalina … How I miss thou. Can you tell Shakespeare was my forte … haha who am I kidding?! So the day I wore this outfit … majority of the cruise passengers looked at me as if I had completely lost my marbles. Why? … Well, I wore my favorite pair of suede Steven Madden babies to an island stopover and while I was on the mini ship ride to Catalina Island, I was impersonating Rolie Polie Olie as the baby ship was wobbling all over the place! Yes, call me crazy for wearing heels on a gorgeous little island but for the sake of an ideal OOTD, it had to be done. AND just in case I had any sort of high heel malfunction, I had a backup pair of cute pineapple flip flops in my bestie’s back-pack. I can be pretty wise and prepared sometimes, check it out …

Catalina_1As I was super ecstatic to be a tourist in Catalina, my first train of thought while I was getting ready in the AM was do I really want to deal with my long locks flying in the wind? Perhaps for one Kodak moment but after that I would most likely want to shave it all off and feed it to the seagulls. To avoid such impulsive decisions and tragic results, I decided a fish tail braid was the way to go! Definitely a great call .. took a few minutes to style, complemented my outfit and was tamed from my face. Success! AND to add more oomph to the overall look, I threw on a pair of neutral statement studs, John Legend inspired sunnies and an arm full of beaded candy. My glam look was my usual routine of makeup intermixed with channeling my inner Desi girl; color-blocking a bright hott pink lip to my vibrant coral-orange shorts.

Catalina_6Why I’m posing as if I run the world? That is a question I cannot answer myself. I wasn’t too many drinks down either at this point. Hmmm… moving along! I absolutely admire the pairing of beiges/taupes with brilliant corals and oranges. It is such a harmonious combination which I will be flaunting more of this summer and one that was beyond perfect for Catalina! Since we figured we were going to be lying on the beach at some point, the base of my look had a hint of black through my printed black and white bathing suit which was worn under my crochet over-sized tank (a piece I have been DYING to style myself in) and paisley infused shorts. The black and white prints of this particular bathing suit matched impeccably with my fabulous coral-orange shorts; which of course gave me the versatile option of lounging in my bathing suit top and just shorts… winning!! Final fabulous touches – beige heels and a crisp white cross-body bag.

Catalina_2That wraps up 1 of 2 of my style series for my getaway! I’ll be comprising a separate post on our eventful and adventurous day spent on Catalina Island very soon! Several more posts on my getaway to come, keep posted darlings!

Thoughts on this OOTD? Let me know below! Xo. 

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10 thoughts on “OOTD: Catalina Island

  1. beautiful!! catalina is such a gorgeous island 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara

  2. Your most made me smile. I always think the same when it comes to travelling and having my hair down. Most of my pictures feature some crazy wind-blown hair haha. I have the same Marc by Marc Jacobs bag!! It’s perfect for travel!! Granted hats off to you….I don’t think I could have rocked those heels. You’re killing it!! 🙂

    • Haha awwww glad I made you smile and yayyyy for being Marc Jacob bag twins! 😉 I’m just so used to ALWAYS being in heels.. but this time it was more so for the outfit itself. Hope you have a great weekend lovely! Xo.

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