TRAVEL: Shenanigans in Catalina Island


“Oh my gosh. This almost feels and looks as if we are going to pay a visit to miniature Greece and all those houses resemble those of the Santorini” – said Sonam completely flabbergasted as her and Sandeep approached the island on the mini wobbly ship 😉


On our second day of cruising we had an eight hour stop over at the ever so gorgeous island resort located just off the coast of South California – Catalina Island. Avalon, the central city of Catalina is just a square mile in size! YES. Everything is in walking distance and get this …Catalina permits just a handful of vehicles to drive on the city streets. What’s even more amazing … residents and tourists are either travelling in golf carts, bicycles or simply walking. AND I think I found the perfect little city to grow old in and enjoy the last few years of my senior days. Any takers to accompany this little piggy on producing those grey and white strands on Catalina?!?! Ha-ha.


Convinced that this was going to be a one for the books sorta days, Sandeep and I were ecstatic and more than ready to tackle Catalina in full blown tourist mode! We began with a mini photo-shoot session; I must have taken a billion pictures as the scenery and tourist attractions were just too breathtakingly beautiful to pass up on. Followed by exploring all the diverse, cute little shops and boutiques which carried endless amounts of souvenirs, speciality snacks, beauty/skin care products, clothing and accessories galore. We each purchased a Fedora hat, some souvenirs for our loved ones, delicious caramel popcorn and a few really interesting pieces of statement jewelry.


The best vacation drink is an authentic double margarita with extra salt on the rim and a gigantic piece of lime – exactly what our stomach’s were craving once we had a little taste of Catalina. No doubt, we were at our ultimate happy place after indulging in the most yummiest nacho’s and downing an entire fish bowl margarita. We continued on our journey of waltzing through Avalon, taking more pictures, being silly and laughing hysterically in hopes that our food coma would eventually vanish. It sure did! The remainder of the time spent in Catalina was on the beach – napping, tanning and talking away. Right before we boarded the mini wobbly ship to make our way back to Carnival, we had one more Margarita at another bar. Not to worry, it wasn’t a fishbowl this time 😉

Catalina_2 Happy Friday my loves, have a great weekend!

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21 thoughts on “TRAVEL: Shenanigans in Catalina Island

  1. Looks like a dream!!! Places like Catalina Island cure stress immediately. There’s just something magical about that place. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I LOVE that bikini top by the way! Can’t wait to see more girlie!!!!

    • It truly was .. felt surreal and absolutely magical. Wait till I post about Ensenada after this weekend .. that was just pure bliss. And thank you .. its such a great bikini top; I pair it with so many other cute bottoms as well; super versatile! Xo.

  2. Love your outfit and the margarita talk! My favorite margarita is a top shelf on the rocks, lots of salt and a juicy lime. Boy I could use one right about now….have one for me!😆

  3. You know you’re a dedicated fashion lover when you wear heels on holiday. I admire your dedication beautiful!

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