TRAVEL: Relaxing in Ensenada, Mexico


“Ummmm. Am I in heaven?” – Sonam “

Ummmm … I think so. Whoa a swim up bar, Margarita??” – Sandeep.

“Uhhhh. Yeah. 5 please.” – Sonam.



On our third day of cruising we booked an excursion to rejuvenation at its finest, a remarkable sunset and $3 margarita heaven! Upon arrival at our final cruise ship stop over – Ensenada, Mexico, Sandeep and I took a 30 minute bus drive through the city of Ensenada to a 4-star, absolutely STUNNING resort – ‘Oceanfront Beach Resort; Estero Beach’ Renowned as a family favorite getaway since the 1950’s, Estero adds the extra into ordinary all thanks to its surreal natural setting. 


Even the simplest of activities: beach volleyball, soccer and tennis tournaments are scaled on a 50 to 10 as you are currently living the lavish life in picture-perfect paradise. For those adventurous souls that are in search for a little something more, amenities such as a museum tour, off road track, kayaks, motorcycles, fishing and bicycle rentals are also available! As for cuisine – fine dining Mexican food, to sushi and the ideal burgers and french fries are your choice of savory foods. AND to ensure relaxation at its finest; a massive, heated swimming pool, two hot tubs and countless deck chairs are centrally located at your convenience. No wonder folks can’t get enough of Mexico and after relishing that real-deal tequila … who’s to say that I myself won’t be returning back to Ensenada or Cancun or Puerto Vallarta or Tulum OR all of the above next year 😉


Ensenada_4After we got our first of many margarita’s for the day, we found our personal belongings a home facing the pool side, encapsulated with palm trees and in reach of our tour guide, Brenda (An absolute sweetheart who ensured our several hour excursion was beyond perfect) I of course had my mini photo-shoot session shortly after and we explored majority of the resort sauntering the beach walk and admiring every little detail of Estero. Included in our excursion package was an authentic Mexican buffet at an award-winning restaurant – Las Terrazas; where we enjoyed the most delectable and yummiest range of food we had ate all week. Half way through lunch, those margarita’s definitely began to kick in and at that very moment we both looked at each other and simply said “Bliss” The rest of our day was spent soaking in Mr. Sun, lounging on our chairs, sitting in the hot tub, downing 58453453 margarita’s and simply taking in this magical, dreamlike venture. I left my imprint in Ensenada, in hopes to return back very soon …


Hope everyone had a fabulous Mother’s Day weekend! Monday blues much?

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28 thoughts on “TRAVEL: Relaxing in Ensenada, Mexico

    • Haha its actually a romper but I guess I kind of wore it as a cover as it is pretty sheer and most definitely. My first time at a swim up bar and it was beyond perfect. Thanks for your kind remarks .. as always! 😉 ❤

  1. Heaven on earth. Where’s your beautiful romper from? I seem to remember that you’d posted about it in a previous haul post. xxx

    • HAHA! I just re-read it and laughed as well. Thank you hun; I do have a few more vacay posts left but I’ve been rather swamped with life itself and family commitments. Back on the blogging grind soon; missing it oh so dearly! Thank you for your wonderful remarks; always such a doll ❤

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