#CANNES2015: Bollywood Bomb-Shells (PART 1)


EVERY year since Sonam Kapoor and Aishwariya Rai have been gracing the Cannes red carpet with their iconic and glamorous style statements – my panties are always in knots as the anticipation of what these gorgeous women are going to wear gets me so ridiculously excited which is far beyond me to put into words. I’m going to disregard the 411 introduction to Cannes and get right into my ‘PART 1’ round-up of what the babes of Bollywood wore as I have been simply DYING to share my thoughts, opinions and outbursts with all of you. Shall we begin? LETS!


Oh Katrina … you are such an amazing dancer and the fact that you are getting hitched to my favorite B-town hunk; Ranbir Kapoor definitely gets you some points BUT you are not someone that belongs at Cannes. I know I should be shunned for saying that about such an extremely gorgeous lady but who associates Katrina to fierce statements on the red carpet or even fashion/style in general? AND that red hair of hers?!?! She has never been an avid risk-taker in regards to her personal style or glam op; therefore, it is a bit extreme for her to transition from her natural brown-black to burgundy. Also, I’m sorry, one of the most prestigious red carpet events of the year and your hair is a couple shades darker then the carpet itself? Girl. Check. Yourself.

Katrina_Cannes2015_RedCarpetNonetheless, I LOVED her Oscar De La Renta lace couture gown … just not on her. Her Elie Saab dress was decent; but I’m sure Elie Saab has 45934857 more stunning alternatives to choose from. Oh and that hair again … a red dress with burgundy hair? Who is your stylist? Yes. I know a bit harsh but it drove me nuts when people were raving about her looks on the red carpet and posting her in the best dressed category. I’ll give her some love and fully admit that I was floored by her Milly outfit that she wore to her first round of press interviews. It was uber sexy, sporty and risky for Katrina AND her hair worked impeccably 😉



“Almost 52hrs without sleep! Eyes shutting … and then Mrs. Shows up looking like this!! Ok .. Eyes wide open now!” – lovely words from the flabbergasted hubby last year at Cannes when Aishwariya made her debut in that HOTT Cavalli number. With such a jaw-dropping appearance last year, Aishwariya was one bombshell who I absolutely expected to slay that red carpet. The verdict … Her Sabyasachi number that she wore to her initial press meet was stunning and very Aishwariya – sophisticated and chic. For her first red carpet appearance, she chose a teal/turquoise embellished Elie Saab gown. Although, the color of the dress looked brilliant on her complexion, I thought her overall look could have been so much more promising. For such a flawless and stunning women, she definitely didn’t look her best – the dress was not flattering on her and looked as if it was fairly out of trend. Hence, I did love the shade of lipstick she chose to wear and her eye makeup was quite dazzling.

Aishwariya_CannesDay1Her photocall appearance for her comeback film – Jazbaa included a classic take on a Oscar De La Renta beauty set in Marsala. She chose a matching lip and flawless makeup to pair with the veteran’s gown; YES. She looked lovely and very much her elegant self. After she made this particular appearance, I was convinced that this stunner was going to avoid the out of the ordinary and stay within her embodiment of elegance. Boy … was I ever glad she shut me up. Her final two appearances were extraordinary; she owned that red carpet in a Georges Chakra white gown with brilliant gold tid-bits and my absolute favorite – a monochromatic, simply ah-maze-ing, voluminous and ‘all eyes on me’ Ralph and Russo couture gown. Oh the white goals …


And that wrap’s up PART 1 of 2 of my Cannes 2015 round-up. PART 2 should up as soon as tomorrow or within the next couple days.

PS: YES. I am full aware as to how MIA I have been on my blogging game; life happened and sometimes you just need a break from work, play and reality. I am back on my grind now and will be posting as frequently as before. Thanks for all the continuous love and support; you guys rock!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Xo.

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7 thoughts on “#CANNES2015: Bollywood Bomb-Shells (PART 1)

  1. Aishwarya did great this year(but I loved last year just because it’s more my personal taste). I agree how Katrina is so not the Cannes fashionista. Speaking of fashionistas, no one does Cannes better than your namesake. She stuns with just the confidence she carries her fashion with.
    Hajara | Chocolatefrosst Xx

  2. Oh my god, all of these looks are incredible. See as much as I am not a typical girly, girl. One day I do want to be able to dress in up in a similar dress and pretend I’m a princess haha. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’ve been waiting for your take on Bollywood at Cannes ever since I saw the first photos coming through. I’m with you about Katrina. I kind of think she needs a bit more credibility in terms of her work before she has the right to walk such a carpet. I’m not completely against the burgundy hair but the dresses just made me think…is that the best that you could find? Sonam demonstrated that you can make a huge fashion statement AND most importantly, when stood on an international stage, represent India and its designers as well as other countries.

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