HAUL: May 2015

May is over and as I attempt to sink in that the year is literally zooming past us all, I can’t help but to think that SUMMER is just around the corner – YAY! Last month I purchased A LOT – from beauty to stylish goods to personal necessities; this little piggy bought a bit of anything and everything. Thankfully, this haul is a round up on my preferred purchases; as the list and this post would truly be endless. So with an emphasis on beauty products, here are my favorite purchases for the month of May:



Since I adore painting my lips in prominent hues, purple is my favorite color and lipsticks are my best friend – Heroine is EVERYTHING.  I re-purchased this bad boy last month and cannot stress how crucial it is for every beauty maven and fashionista to personally snag for their everlasting collection of lippies. With the perfect touch of glam for those oh so cute and corky outfits and even monochromatic styling; heroine is on my list of ‘IT’ shades for the summer! Isn’t it gorgeous?!


Click HERE to purchase and check out their collection of VIVA Glam lipsticks; I’m debating on ordering them all ❤



Oh LUSH … how I can spend an arm and leg EVERY TIME I choose to make a detour in your extraordinary scented shops. Last month I stocked up on my daily routine goodies and picked up this bath bomb for my bestie and I. Nothing compares to my forever favorite bath bomb – Sex Bomb but boy oh boy the Pink Bath Bomb is quite divine. In whirl of ultra feminine pretty pink water, confetti hearts, flowers and a scent that is simply wonderful; this ball of the finest rejuvenation remedy has made the cut as one of my all time favorite bath bombs. IF you haven’t tried a LUSH bath bomb – you are living under a rock, you haven’t experienced life and you need to change that this very moment by clicking HERE. AND thank me later.


How ridiculously fabulous are these?!?! Considering my most recent addiction to sunglasses and ultra cool specs – I splurged on a good seven pairs on zeroUV. I have not worn these bad boys out YET as I am waiting to style the perfect OOTD AND the best part of this purchase was the price – $12.95. zeroUV has it ALL – amazing selection, variety of colors and unbeatable prices… what’s not to LOVE?!?! Click HERE to purchase these babies and be sure to skim through their website … hmmmm I might just buy another seven pairs =|


Since the beginning of time or when I discovered the art of filling in my eyebrows I have been loyal to Too Faced. My first ever purchased eye-brow kit was the ‘Brow Envy by Too Faced’ and for the last countless years of my on fleek eyebrows; I have been using Brow Envy. I was feeling quite spontaneous one afternoon and something seemed a bit off-set about my eyebrow game; SO I decided that I shall purchase this eyebrow rescuer in universal brunette. Final verdict … Meh. Its quite light for my liking and I mix together this gel like formula with the brunette brow powder from Brow Envy to create the overall depth and fullness of my brows AND then I am happy with the results. Click HERE to read more about this product; you may LOVE it as my girlfriend said it was the most brilliant eye brow kit she has ever purchased. Perhaps I should write a full review on Bulletproof Brows?!?! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below lovelies 🙂


Standing for 3Cs: Contemporary | Chic | Comfort – this local Vancouver based online website has a substantial range of the cutest staple pieces fit for any trendy women’s wardrobe. I have been on the hunt for a sheer, over-sized blouse for quite some time and have been disappointed many times over whenever I had purchased one from a fast-fashion retailer. However, this one from Couturist definitely stands up to its 3 promising ‘Cs’ and what’s fantastic about this blouse is its versatility through all four seasons. Stoked beyond words to wear this edgy yet fab blouse this summer! Be sure to check out Couturist HERE and if you subscribe to their e-mail list; you get 10% off your first purchase!

JUNE: Bring on the handful of events, photoshoots, other wonderful projects/collaborations, strong blogging game and a whole lot of shenanigans. Hope you lovelies enjoyed my May haul; comment below and let me know which of my purchases was your personal favorite!

Happy Hump Day. Meowwwww!

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