Blessed with Mr. Sun, a beach day, an enjoyable family shindig and the release of one of my most awaited films of 2015 – my weekend was beyond perfect! Summer has not officially begun yet this gorgeous weather and the spectacular success of Dil Dhadakne Do (DDD) has got me feeling “on top of the world!”

Sprinkling her magic over Bollywood cinema once again, Zoya Akthar casts a star-studded affair in a genuine, entertaining and heart-felt family drama. Through a 10 day cruise getaway, alongside the ever so dis-functional Mehra family (Anil Kapoor, Shefali Shah, Priyanka Chopra and Ranveer Singh) DDD illustrates that the lifestyle of the lavish and the royal may be even more scarring then the average middle class man. It also tells us to continue letting our hearts beat in which ever manner fulfills our true desires whether it be love, family, passion or your career AND most importantly – in the good and bad, family always conquers all. These imperative reminders can only be portrayed through the beauty and brilliance of Zoya’s films and the witty and hysterical characters she develops. In DDD, right from the get go she does an impeccable job conveying the flaws and traits of each Mehra. As the movie progresses she unveils their true colors, convincing us all as audiences to truly empathize for each family member and the lovely supporting cast.

Kamal Mehra, played by Anil Kapoor is ridiculously astounding and faultless in his role – from his expressions, to his rage, to emotional scenes and his vivid humor; he is hands down the life of the movie. We all know that Anil Kapoor is one hell of an entertainer and its a relief to see him transition into a father from hero yet manage to steal that spotlight. AND am I the only one that thinks he one hell of a sexy, moustache man? I will forever have a crush on Anil Kapoor and I cannot put my finger on what it is about that man. Who’s with me?!?! Moving along … the lovely MRS. – Neelam Mehra, played by Shefali Shah deserves some remarkable praise; she is one vicious mother and delivers quite the 10/10 performance in her dialogue punches. Infact, the bantics and arguments of the wonderful married couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary will make you howl in laughter and cry in tears. Now how’s that for chemistry?

DDD_3Eldest child of the Mehra family, Ayesha played by Priyanka Chopra is decent in her role. She has a few candid emotional scenes in the film and of course she pulls at your heart strings with those fat tears of hers AND I must add that she looks like a complete babe in her effortless take on ‘on shore’ style. Kabir Mehra, played by Ranveer Singh is literally the core of all the problems in the family – he is the heart swooner, the joker AND him and Priyanka share one hell of a chemistry as a brother-sister duo. Kabir’s love interest Farah Ali played by Anushka Sharma is a gasp of fresh air, she walks through her role with a blind fold on and her and Ranveer are just as cute as they were in Band Baaja Bhaarat. Finally, Sunny Gill played by Farhan Akhtar needed more time on the screen; he is wonderful in his cameo and I would LOVE to see him in Priyanka star in a solo movie together. 

DDD_6The only minor complaint I have with the film is that the first half of the film is a bit of a drag which is all overlooked with a few chart busters – Gallan Gooliyan being my personal favorite and Anuskha breaking a leg in Girls Like to Swing, an epic star cast, well-scripted story line and the beautiful scenery of Turkey, DDD is the perfect kick-start to the summer of 2015! Families, lovers, siblings, besties and those riding solo; this drama packed, family entertainer is a MUST WATCH for all ages. Best believe I’m going for a round two on the big screen tomorrow! 😉 


Happy Monday my loves; hope it is short and sweet! Xo. 

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5 thoughts on “REVIEW: DIL DHADAKNE DO

  1. Call me fickle but I just prefer when Bollywood movies are well…Indian. In my opinion India’s culture is far too beautiful for them to be making movies where everyone’s imitating the west whether it be in song or through clothes choices. Give me Devdas and Ram Leela any day. Having said that Gallan Gooliyan had me jumping about in my pjs over breakfast this morning and if DDD has got the Sonam Naidu stamp of approval I’ll give it a go. Oh and ever since Ranveer reinvented the moustache I’m open to anything. Long live Ranveer’s beard and moustache – excuse me while I go light a candle in its memory.

    • I completely agree with you on this note. Indian culture is ridiculously beautiful and its a shame that Bollywood cinema is putting it on the back burner and preferring to adapt more western flare into 90% of films nowadays. However, What I do love re the movies that convey these remarkable and 21 century related lessons that are crucial for audiences AND DDD definitely does pass on that strong message of family, society and morals. Which is why I approve as its an opportunity and eye-opener for all of us to learn and improve ourselves as individuals. Not sure if you have seen it just yet but do watch it Shelley and I think you’ll completely understand what I mean. Gallan Goodiyaan is currently my jam and the song I dance to in my underwear when I wake up haha!

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