Black swan meets florals …

Couple months ago I did my first and ONLY shoot of 2015 – I know pretty pathetic BUT I am working on two massive editorial projects for the remainder of this year which I am super excited about! Anyway … for this particular shoot I contacted my talented, expert behind the lens friend – Behram Antia from Luminoso Photography. From the get go I had told Behram that the concept of the shoot will be fairly simple as I want to highlight a particular SS15 trend/amazing article of clothing that I own in my existing wardrobe. Therefore, the styling would be not as dramatic, my makeup would be ridiculously dark yet very pretty and I would step out of my comfort zone and throw my long locks into a tight sock bun. Taaa-Daaaa … ‘Black Swan Meets Florals’ Check it out!

2015-02-22_13-34-55_076-2-split20Black Swan?!?! Well …. I showed one of my best friends a final edit from this shoot and his exact response was “Whoa. Black Swan” I didn’t initially think that I wanted to inspire Natalie Portman’s iconic look into my glam op but what I did know was that I wanted to create a makeup look which would be the complete opposite of what is normally associated with florals – fresh pastels and natural eyes. AKA. Boorrrinnngggg. AND since my hair wasn’t going to be all up in my business, it only made sense to spotlight my eyes as they are the most prominent feature on my face. My flawless hair and makeup was done by my favorite gal pal; Gena Kooner. She’s truly a skilled perfectionist!


As for the styling aspect of this shoot, I pulled together my favorite and perfect staple components of summer fashion: a crop top and these fabulous, oh so comfy and brilliant palazzo pants. To ensure my outfit was fitting to my personal style – my nails were painted black, I chose a black crop top and wore mesh black sandals. Referencing the color splashes on my pants, I incorporated statement jewelry – lucite bangles, chandelier earrings and a single over-sized ring to create the overall fierce, sultry and soft ‘swan’ look. Pretty impressed with some of the shots 🙂

What do y’all think?! Let me know below ❤ 

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