2015 Summer Bucket List

Short shorts, slurpees and shenanigans at its finest … hallelujah its summer time! Well … not just right now BUT Vancouver weather has been rather promising and I’ve been prancing around practically half naked, eating plenty of fresh watermelon and mangoes and sipping cocktails on patio roof-tops. So yes in my books, summer came bright and early! As a tribute to ‘YOLO’ and fulfilling some short-term goals rather then continuously working around the clock towards the long-term; I decided to make a bucket list of things I definitely want to do this summer in Vancouver. AND at the end of summer I will be writing a ‘final verdict’ post, accompanied with pictures as to what was checked off my bucket list! Fun right?! Here it goes lovelies 🙂



The Stanley Park seawall is a recreational, spotlight pathway in the head of downtown, Vancouver. Renting bikes and cycling the entire 28km seawall is now forever a tradition that I do with my bestie at least once every summer. While we chat our hearts away with our ridiculous banter, motivate one another to keep going as our bottoms get extremely soar from the hard seats; I truly can’t think of a more perfect way to fit in some cardio workout yet soak in Mr. Sun.



One of my favorite Disney classics in the form of a musical?! YES please and apparently its one brilliant show, that has won 6 Tony Awards®. AND Hakuna Matata is my Monday kick-off anthem to ensure that my coffee is strong, day is short and overall week is wonderful ha-ha! There is no way I’m going to be missing this extravaganza.



Also commonly known as “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster” – The Grouse Grind® is a 2.9km hike leading up to one of Vancouver’s main tourist attractions – Grouse Mountain. Now you either have the option of taking a cable line ride up or hiking your way up to the mountain! Sounds fun right?! Ha-ha N.O. I’ve heard Grouse Grind is some serious business and believe it or not I can be quite the fitness monkey 🙂 SO YES. For the very first time I will be challenging myself to complete the Grouse Grind under a two hour time frame this summer.



Did someone say mini donuts and cotton candy?! Of course I’m there! My bestie and I are taking part in a delectable 5K run of tasteful goodies at our annual fair, The PNE. Proceeds from the run are going towards the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada as well as Heart of Hope. Mouth full of sugary goodness, admission to roller coasters and adrenaline rides, a day spent with my favorite gal pal and making a difference! What more can a girl ask for? 🙂



Hell yes to spontaneous beach days! As Vancouverites we are extremely blessed with the abundance of nature and we would be forever fools if we do not take complete advantage of our beautiful city. My fingers are crossed for endless bikini days, beach volleyball and Bellini breaks at Cactus Club at some of our finest scale beaches!



Not the biggest fan of fireworks but just for the experience and sake of joining in on all the fun, I jump on this bandwagon of this annual musical fireworks competition hosted every summer! Within a 25 minute time frame, this years competing countries: Canada, China and Brazil will showcase a surreal display of spectacular fireworks. Oooooo I can most definitely synchronize my beach days with the day I’m going to be attending the Celebration of Lights! Winning 🙂



Being such a movie buff, this has got to be hands down one of my favorite things to do in the summer! From Bollywood and Hollywood classics, a good handful of parks throughout our lower mainland hosts FREE outdoor movie nights. Alongside my snuggie, great company and some handy mosquito repellent nothing is quite compare worthy to watching some your preferred classics literally under the stars.



Artistic painting on a blank canvas while sipping on cocktails. Need I say more?! Aside from the fact that I have been wanting to do this for ages now so hopefully it happens AND I am a complete amateur when it comes to any sort of artistic ability involving drawing/painting.  Perhaps the gods of liquor will work some magic 😉

AND there you have it darlings! What’s on your summer bucket list?! Let me know in the comments below!

May your Monday be short, your coffee be strong and your day be productive! Xo. 

8 thoughts on “2015 Summer Bucket List

  1. what a fun summer you are going to have. I would love to challenge myself on that grouse grind 2.9 km of uphill. Oh hams they would scream at me.

    • Haha! I know its going to be an instant regret right from the minute I start it but I’m looking forward to challenging myself and seeing what my time will be! Thanks for stopping by ❤

  2. Once again you prove you’re a girl after my own heart Sonam. Not a week can go buy without me eating a donut so a donut dash sounds amaaaazing!

    • Hahaha! I totally just got a visual of Homer Simpson stuffing his face with those colorful donuts =P AND you have no idea as to how ridiculously excited I am to participate in the donut dash. Hopefully, I don’t get some sort of stomach ache and won’t be able to sprint the rest of the way lol.

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