Father’s Day: Experiences VS Gifts

Every year for Father’s Day I buy my dad a bunch of useless nonsense that he either already has an ample amount of or can personally go out and purchase himself. After torturing my brain for 248324923 hours I came to a really simple conclusion: My papa bear is a simple, mellow and wonderful man who would much rather spend Father’s Day doing absolutely nothing, as long as he is with his children. Therefore, rather than showering him with a fancy dinner/breakfast and materialistic goods, this year we we are focusing on making Father’s Day more of an fun-filled, relaxing and enjoyable day spent with our old man. Don’t worry there will still be presents; but experiences are far more valid then gifts and I’m glad I came to that realization prior to this upcoming Sunday! Here is a breakdown of what we have planned for the day in the form of a short, sweet and sappy schedule I put together to accompany his present:


A hefty all American breakfast, fish and chips and Greek soulvaki dinner are all meals that are my dad’s absolute favorites. The breakfast portion we have completely covered, lunch is dining out and for dinner we utilized Google’s maximum power to find some incredible and easy-peasy recipes. Like every other Sunday, we will be preparing/cooking dinner as an entire family over a glass or two of wine. Events of the day include biking around the Stanley Park seawall, followed by the Fly Over Canada experience which my dad has been talking about for weeks now! We are ending the day on the ultimate relaxing note – dinner on our balcony overlooking our view and a comedy flick on Netflix. Eeeeek quite the eventful day; lets just hope we can fit it all into 18 hours! Now as for his present; did someone say LUSH?!?! 😉

Couple weeks ago I went to LUSH to re-stock my basic essentials and of course I spent all my life savings and bought a bit of everything and anything. My dad was super intrigued with my lovely personal purchases and I have been giving him samples from whatever I thought would tickle his fancy. Long story short …. he is in LOVE with some of the samples and insisted that he will be accompanying me the next time I plan on going to LUSH to pick up some goodies for himself. We thought why not save him the burden and several extra bucks and put together a little basket of LUSH bad boys that we know he will simply adore for himself. Here is what what I will be compiling together in a mini basket, alongside his favorite bottle of wine and a summer fedora:


There you have it lovelies! The 411 and how I choose to express my gratitude towards my papa bear on his special day. Father’s Day is just a few days away and if your absolutely stumped as what to get your old man; keep it simple and think what can you/your siblings do to ensure he feels like a million bucks and show him how much you truly care. Gifts are of course apart of the whole sha-bang but experiences last a lifetime. Step out of the box a little, get creative and make some memories through a fun-filled adventurous and/or relaxing day with your old man.

What are your special plans for Father’s Day?! Let me know below!

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3 thoughts on “Father’s Day: Experiences VS Gifts

  1. You and your daddyyy…cutiessss.!!/💞😍💞😍💞
    Happy fathers day to you
    And that sounds like a fabulous plan..esp waiting to hear about the fly over Canada bit soon.

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