Too Many Tabs …

Nothing like a good reality check …TooManyTabs

At times I become so consumed with the heart aches and issues of those important loved ones surrounding me that I completely disregard myself. Of course it’s important to hold your end of the bargain with certain relationships but it is crucial to maintain the most important relationship of all, and that is with yourself. I feel like a complete fool as I needed something pretty scary to take place in order for me to comprehend to slow it down a notch, take a step back and realize that I really do need a breather. Not just a beach day, crazy alcohol consumption, an hour of yoga every day or sitting near the water – a healthy break. In order to take care of others I need to learn to take care of myself first; it’s that simple. Today, I am closing these damn tabs, tackling what I need to and putting aside the shit that is weighing me down.

Good day lovelies. Xo. 

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