For the love of ‘Sky Blue’


For those of you that know a thing or two about my personal style are well aware that I’m a sucker for color – the bolder, the brighter = the merrier. However, working at BCBG and having to adapt a dress-code of neutral and oh so boring palettes into my day-day work life, (which of course I don’t follow anyway ha-ha) I have become a little more inclined towards pretty pastels and some neutrals. Call it baby blue, sky blue or a muted blue – this is my most recent, radiant color addiction and it has a lot more to do with the fact that I think the color looks great on my complexion.

Like everything and anything, I always feel the need to justify my addictions and before I go out and spend an arm and leg on some ‘much-needed’ baby blue pieces for my wardrobe, here are some of my validations:

  • Just this year I have found myself spending a lot of time sitting by the waterside whether it be a lake or the ocean. The serene moments surrounded by the beautiful water and amazing blue sky above is possibly one of the most peaceful and bliss practices I have adapted into my lifestyle to re-collect my thoughts and boost my confidence back to 110%
  • My birth stone is aquamarine and until a few weeks ago I had convinced myself over the years that I am stuck with the most hideous birth stone of all. Of course now I love it!
  • I have a limited and rather small quantity of neutrals and lighter colors in my existing wardrobe; not only does this color add a different range of hue to my closet but it also motivates me to experiment more then I currently do with my clothing and accessories
  • JEANS. Hallelujah. Baby blue will forever be a color that will be available and integrated into denim. Now, I just have to snag a few more pairs in that lighter, sky blue wash in different styles
  • Bollywood babes. Of course I drive a lot of my style inspiration from the bombshells of B-town and for quite some I have seen some of my favorite gals of Indian cinema rocking this color from casual – formal looks


I have the sudden urge to blow all my life savings now; therefore, I must focus my energy on something productive pronto ha-ha. Anyway, I would love to hear all your wonderful feedback and thoughts on this color. Would you personally rock it or don’t have a care in the world for it??

Let me know below and enjoy your day everyone! Xo. 

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