HAUL: LUSH Goodies

Last week I shared with all of you the entire 411 on what my younger brother and I had planned for Father’s Day this year. We stepped out of the box a little, as it was quite the eventful, ‘experience’ day, followed by an authentic Greek dinner and a bag full of LUSH goodies as the core of my papa bear’s present. (Click here to read all about it if you haven’t done so already) AND of course while I spoiled my daddy rotten with the grace of LUSH, I splurged on some wonderful products for myself!


In the simplest of terms LUSH sells a wide-range of fresh and handmade products: from cosmetics to rejuvenating bath and body products consisting of A-MAZE-ING scents. They literally have treatments and cures to all sorts of skin nuisances and irritations and if you are ever looking for original gift ideas; LUSH has quite the unisex selection. They are a 100% ethical against animal testing, pay a huge contribution to a handful of different charities and their sales staff are informative, hysterical and simply unique. I have been an avid consumer of LUSH for several years now and for this particular haul, I snagged a good handful of replacement products as well as some new babies. Shall we begin?! LETS.

– LIP SERVICE ($7.25) – 

With the genius combination of olive oil, cocoa and shea butters and tangerine oil, Lip Service plays a crucial role in my morning and before bed routine. After the application of the infamous Bubblegum lip scrub, I always apply lip service to either prep my chappers for lipstick or simply moisturize them. Sometimes I even apply it on the heels of my feet after a long eight hours spent prancing in high heels. It is seriously a miracle worker!



I was introduced to toothy tabs from LUSH last year and now I absolutely refuse to use normal tooth-paste. Sparkle is my favorite toothy tab from the massive selection available and it guarantees pearly white chompers and decent fresh breath. I’m a happy girl every morning 🙂



Out of the 3919393423 fresh face masks at LUSH; BB Seaweed is ideal for my sensitive skin that needs a good cleanse here and there. Tons of seaweed, honey, aloe vera gel and rose absolute gel are the components of this brilliant mixture to your skin feels rejuvenated and smoother then a baby’s bottom. These face masks are to be kept in the freezer and have a life span of 30 days AND I am forever hooked.

– Superbalm ($19.95) – 


I have spent a fortune in attempts to cure this insanely irritating pain in the rear end that happens to be on my scalp. Trying this product for the first time and hopefully the combination of coconut oil, candelilla wax and salicylic acid in Superbalm can cure my itchy, dry scalp and those unwanted flakes.

 – PHOENIX RISING ($6.95) –


Apple crisp in the form of a bubble bath?? Mmm questionable…. BUT apple crisp in the form of a LUSH bath bomb, oozing out purple and gold sparkles creating that ideal bath experience. Hell Yes. Hands down one of my favorite bath bombs that ensures my skin feels silky smooth and smells like a delectable apple covered in cinnamon. I want an apple crisp … NOW. Oh gosh.

– Sweetie Pie ($6.95 – $11.95) – 


I strictly purchased this shower jelly because it intrigued me. How so? It has a Flubber like texture and leaves sparkles on your skin after your shower. That itself would have been enough BUT of course the cherries, coconut and seaweed play a vital role on the refreshing scent and how wonderfully soft your skin feels. I can’t imagine bath time to be more fun!

AND that wraps up my fairly massive haul at LUSH. Let’s just hope that I have some self control and can stay away for a month or so before I need to stock up and fulfill my oh so curious mind! Do you have some favorites at LUSH?? If so, please do share below.

Sending you all positive weekend vibes. I will be spending it at the beach. Xo.

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4 thoughts on “HAUL: LUSH Goodies

  1. I love LUSH bath bombs! I need to try Apple Crisp. Omg the toothy tab are amazing, it was a crazy sensation when I first tried it but I love them!!

    • Nothing like LUSH bath bombs … truly relaxation at its finest! As for the toothy tabs … I KNOW. It feels ridiculously tingly and strange at first but after you convince yourself that you will never use regular toothpaste again!

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