BEAUTY: Giambattista Valli X MAC Cosmetics

“The biggest revolution you can do on your style is really changing the color of your lips”- Giambattista Valli.


In case you haven’t heard … On yet another bold, dramatic and fabulous statement, MAC Cosmetics in collaboration with French fashion veteran, Giambattista Valli are launching five gorgeous shades of lipstick that is sure to pull on every beauty mavens heartstrings. For all you lovelies that know a slight thing or two about me, you are well aware that when it comes to the world of beauty products, lipstick is my forte and dominates over all. AND you can all bet that on Thursday July 9th, I will be that crazy customer lining up outside of MAC Cosmetics to snag every new matte shade lippie to add to my considerable collection. However, while I master plan in my head what shade of lipstick to pair with what outfit(s), I might as well fill you all in about this much-awaited launch.

Far Left; Margherita | Left; Bianca B | Middle; Tats | Right; Charlotte | Far Right; Eugenie

The collection consists of five shades of modern, matte lipsticks with a diverse color palette range of fresh pastels, summer brights and evening glam. Each shade is reflected upon fabrics and the overall design aesthetic of Giambattista Valli – colors which are fit for florals and prominent textures. AND finally my personal favorite touch, the incorporation of a genius and pretty appeal; which of course is taken to another level of brilliancy with the color of the tubes matching exactly to the shade of the lipstick. Valli explains that “I think its much more comfortable to check in your bag and look right away at the colors. You carry two or three of them in your bag and right away you grab the one you need” Practicality, time-saver and glamorous … what more can a girl really ask for? These bad boys are hitting MAC stores worldwide on July 9th, 2015!

Which of the following shades do you fancy?!

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5 thoughts on “BEAUTY: Giambattista Valli X MAC Cosmetics

  1. Why do I get the feeling that you like Charlotte and Eugenie? I feel like I’d like to dip my toe in the deep end and try Tats

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