SHOES: Economical Summer Snags

For the last few months, I don’t seem to have any self control on my spending habits as I am consistently splurging on clothing and accessories that I am simply lusting over. While I have bought a plentiful amount of clothing; I have cut down on my impulsive shoe purchases and boy do I ever miss it! I figured since I have been spending all my life savings on clothes for the summer, I have no choice but to budget myself in order to add four-five ever so trendy pairs to my chaotic collection of endless shoes. Therefore, I am stoked to walk you lovelies through some casual to glamorous styles which I consider to be impeccable additions or even essentials and under the $200 mark to complete the last bit of my summer wardrobe shopping for 2015. For all you shoe mavens; you might quite fancy this post 😉



In other words sneaker wedges. I already own a pair of Nike sneaker wedges which were gifted to me a few years ago. Of course I only started wearing them a few months ago and realized how amazingly comfortable and ultra cool spruce it adds to some of my outfits; therefore I need another pair! Now, I just need to decide what color and style to choose from BUT I am highly leaning towards creating a customized pair in black and white (Similar to the image above) Approximate cost $150-$175. Like what you see above, click here to learn more and snag yourself a pair!


Denim shoes?! Or atleast shoes that resemble denim 😉 YES. I’ll have five pairs please! I have been on the quest for a pair of decent looking espadrille sandals for quite some time and these ‘Bella washed suede lace-up espadrille sandals’  in Skyway Blue from TOMS are just way too cute to pass up on. Under $100 bucks at Nordstrom right now and if you love everything and anything denim like I do; well then I just cost you close to $100 ha-ha!


FRINGE. A must-have, over-rated trend fit for every fashionista. I instantly jumped on this stylish bandwagon and adapted many different variations of fringe into my wardrobe, except for high heels. These gorgeous ZARA ‘Fringed High Heel Sandals’  in Ecru sandals are marked down to $49 from $99. Justification … I don’t have very many pairs of nude heels and I have very few pairs of shoes that I can pair with frayed jeans, a white blouse and some fab sunnies 😉


What I LOVE about wedges or atleast the wedges that I’m on quest to find every year is the versatility of being able to pair them with casual-evening outfits. However, the struggles are too real when it comes to allocating a pair of wedges that are not just cute but comfortable. Are wedges not supposed to be a much rather comfy alternative to wearing 3-6 inch heels?? Wrong. For the last couple years I have purchased the oh so ‘adorable and versatile pairs’ alongside the ridiculously uncomfortable and painful babies. Let’s just hope that these Jeffery Campbell Rodillo-Hi wedge sandals’ play the double roll in comfort and fab appeal.


Oh the very infamous gladiator inspired sandals. I must mention that I was initially obsessed with the knee-length sandals/heels that EVERY mainstream designer has opted empowering styles of but the practicality of those bad boys are simply wack ha-ha. I thought I would just suck it up and purchase a pair because they somehow manage to make my 5’1 shorty butt look atleast 5’5 but I couldn’t do it. Anyway, I do still really love the interlacing of the straps and how some styles even manage to create geometric cut-outs; these ‘Gladiator Jane faux leather’ heels from GOJANE for $43 are the perfect example of what exactly I have in mind.

There you have it lovelies! 5 pairs of shoes that I think are perfect summer additions for every fashionista’s closet and each pair doesn’t cross over the $200 mark. Now, for shoes I think that is ridiculously inexpensive and quite the bang for your bucks. What say?!

Any favorites from the fab 5 above? Drop me a line below! 

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