BEAUTY: Get Ready with Me | Work Routine

As much as I LOVE my oh so daring shades of lipsticks and painting my eye lids smoky dark; my full-time gig at BCBG Maxazria (which entails clean, natural makeup and boring shades of either black, white, beige or navy blue as dress code) keeps me and my canvas ‘natural’ and quite grounded. I must admit that I certainly didn’t hesitate nor mind adding a collection of beautiful neutral shades of lipstick for more practical looks and long days spent at work. So with no further hesitation get ready with me and see some of my favorite and holy grail products specifically for work days at BCBG Maxazria.

– MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium/Dark – 

To all you ladies who wear foundation every single day … all power to you! I choose to wear foundation only on special occasions and photo-shoots as I feel my skin cannot breathe and I absolutely dislike the cake-y feeling it forms on my canvas after having it on for a couple of hours. Instead, I resort to this baby to take care of the blemishes I have and provide me with the perfect coverage, without having to make me feel as if my pores are clogged. Available for $32 here

– MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer – 

I am the queen of dark circles under my peepers with the little amount of sleep I choose to have AND this concealer is truly my savior. Not only is it a total bang for my bucks but it plays a huge contribution on preventing me from resembling a raccoon. Hallelujah. Available for $19.00 here

– LANCOME Subtil Blush in Aplum – Lancome_AplumBlush

Since every other beauty product in my work routine is fairly plain-jane, nor do I apply the technique of contouring and/or highlighting; I rely A LOT on blush to add a slight oomph of color to my cheeks and overall face. One trait that I adore about this particular blush is that its oil-free, which in definition to me means that I don’t feel as if I’m caking on another layer of makeup. Available for $40.50 here 

– MAC Liquid & Kohl Eye-Liner – 


Let’s just say that since the age of 13, I developed a love for eyeliner. As long as I can remember, I have been lining my waterline with pencil, followed by outlining and creating a thicker line with liquid on my top eye-lid. Liquid is available for $20.00 and the classic pencil kohl liner is available for $16. Click here to view MAC’s extensive selection of liners.

– DIORSHOW Iconic Mascara – 


AND that eye-liner game cannot be on fleek, unless it is accompanied by a kick-ass mascara. I’ve tried numerous different mascara’s through the years just for shits and giggles but nothing quite compares to DiorShow. Also, when I have zero shadow on, voluminous and creepy-crawly lashes are a definite must 😉 Available for $35 here

– TOOFACED Bullet-Proof Brows in Universal Brunette – 


Leave it to this bad boy to transform my entire makeup look from 0 to 100 and be that mandatory finishing outline for my peepers. I’m often complemented on my eye-brow game and honestly its all thanks to TooFaced and their ah-maze-ing eyebrow palettes. For amateurs like myself; their palettes are simple to use, have quite the extensive lifespan and looks fairly natural. Available for $38 here

– LUSH Bubble-Gum Lip Scrub – 


Of course some LUSH product is included in my daily make-up routine, natural or glamorous! I prep my chappers before the application of my lip-balm followed by my lip liner and lipstick right after. I find that my lipstick lasts longer and my lips in general are moisturized and hydrated throughout the day. Available for $9.95 here

– MAC Mehr, Cosmo & Brave Lipsticks – 


Unfortunately, I have to ditch my bold lippies for work and wear more natural colors, which I have grown to quite love. I have purchased a handful of  different lipsticks but the shades Mehr, Cosmo and Brave make the cut as my go-to and favorite shades that I alternate with different outfits and even lip-liners which sometimes transform the overall lipstick color. All MAC lipsticks are $16 on their website and their enormous selection can be viewed here

AND once I throw my favorite holy grail products together my face looks a little something, something like this … NaturalMakeupSelfie

What are some of your favorite products that you simply can’t live without? Have you tried any of my beauty essentials listed above?? Let me know below and drop me some love 🙂

Have an amazing weekend my fellow bloggers! Xo. 

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    • I’ve been using it for ages and its always been my all time favorite eye-liner plus they have so many different alternatives to choose from. Aww thank you so much Mira; haha I certainly do try! ❤

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