#OOTD | Brilliant Bolds Feat. eShakti.com

As we are quick approaching the finale of summer 2015, I am being as bold as ever can be by flaunting ALL the vibrant colors in my wardrobe. Being an absolute sucker for prints and brilliant bold’s I instantly fell in love with this Vibrant Umbrella Print Dress from eShakti.com. The fit and flare cut, beautiful splashes of all my favorite rad colors and repetitive umbrella’s were more then enough plus points for me to snag this beauty as a casual day dress option for this summer. AND its crucial for me to add that I live in Vancouver, also commonly known as Raincouver which in my defense means that this dress could not be more perfect for my beautiful city and more fitting to my outrageous personality.


If you are a shorty, Jack’s bean stalk, ridiculously petite, plus size, big-breasted, flat-chested or any other body specification; eShakti.com is pretty much your saving grace. What is simply amazing about shopping with eShakti.com is that you are able to customize your garment pieces to your personal liking – from your size, height, length (my personal favorite option), sleeve preferences and other options, eShakti.com has got you covered from A-Z. For instance, I have been on the hunt for a fit and flare dress with a super voluminous skirt that sits right before the knees for several months and with eShakti.com’s height and dress length option I was pretty much guaranteed that my flare beauty would sit right before my knee caps. Success! Let me fill you lovelies in on the full pow-wow on my experience with eShakti.com



Packaging was plain jane basic. However, the dress itself made my heart smile – the colors were just as rich and fabulous as what I had seen on their website. The flare skirt portion of the dress was as voluminous as I had wanted it to be and if I have any desire to stand over a vent one evening, I would most definitely have a Marilyn Manroe moment.


Ordering: I didn’t have too many adjustments on my dress, so that part was pretty easy peasy. Although, I had some issues with placing my order through the website and had to contact via e-mail their customer service department. BUT they were in touch with me within the same day and my order was processed shortly after. Overall, I have no complaints.


Super impressed with the turnaround and shipping time. I was expecting my dress to arrive within two-three weeks, but I had it delivered to my door step within a weeks worth of time. I had a member from their media relations email me when the product left their warehouse and other important updates. Possibly one of the best and efficient shipping experiences I have dealt with. So thank you eShakti.com for not being a pain in my rear end.


Fits me like a glove, accentuates all the right areas; especially my bust and I have never felt more like a women in a dress before. Decently comfortable on a regular, cool Vancouver day but if temperatures are 25+ degrees, no thank you.


Extremely structured and thick in fabric, personally would have loved it more if it was lighter in fabric. On really hot summer days, I completely roast in it; but then again, could it be a fit and flare style of a dress without the fabric being that thick? The closure on the dress is a zipper on the side which is super sticky and I have managed to do the dress up once by myself and every other time I had to seek for assistance. I have also caught my skin on the zipper many times and we all know how much that hurts!


Now if are you contemplating on ordering from eShakti.com it is your lucky day or should I say month!! By entering the coupon code ‘sonamnaiducreative’ you will receive 10% when you shop at eShakti.com. The coupon code is valid from 07/24/2015 – 08/24/2015. Happy shopping my fellow bloggers 🙂
I LOVE creating the illusion of a skirt with this dress. To my recall, the times I have worn this dress; I have paired it with either a cool jacket, vest or some sort of over-sized blouse. Nope, the dress has never been worn by itself. Since I am currently OBSESSED with all shades of blue, especially that amazing baby blue; I thought why not the dress with some shades of blue. Voila! Enter my cobalt blue peep-toe heels with a wooden heel and a light-washed chambray shirt, loosely knotted. As for accessories, I kept the jewels silver and consistent with an overall edgy appeal. (Forgot my earrings) AND to really add some spunk … I incorporated another bold color to my outfit through one of my favorite shades of lipstick from MAC and threw on my retro cat-eye specs!
DRESS: eShakti.com | CHAMBRAY SHIRT: Urban Outfitters | HEELS: Le Chateau | BRACELET + RING: Forever 21 | CHOKER: BCBG Maxazria | SPECS: zeroUV | LIPSTICK: ‘Heroine’ – MAC Cosmetics

YAY! That wraps up my first official personal style post on the blog 🙂 My sincere apologies on the lengthy read, I promise the next one will be short and sweet 🙂 However, I would LOVE to hear how you style your fit and flare dress and your overall wonderful thoughts. AND any of you fashionista’s are wanting to make a purchase on eShakti.com, remember to enter the coupon code ‘sonamnaiducreative’ to recieve 10% off which is valid from 07/24/2015 – 08/24/2015. Happy Friday y’all ❤

 Photography: Luminoso Photography | Hair & MUA: Complexions Studio 

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28 thoughts on “#OOTD | Brilliant Bolds Feat. eShakti.com

  1. That is an amazing dress! I have tried e-Shakti and I have absolutely loved it but I thought they were all about plains neutrals and subtle but this dress is so bright and fun !! I love it and I love it some more! Oooh and pairing it with the denim jacket does give it that skirt and blouse kinda look!! Aah love it!! Please do these outfit posts more often so that we can all gaze at you! haha!! I love the cat-eyed glasses as well nice styling girl!! (P.S: checking out each post so you might get a heap of notifications from me..lel!) Love you!!

    • Hahahaha! Oh how I love you!! I was out and about today and I got 493492394 notifications from you and I was like ok … I know exactly what is happening right now! She is definitely checking out ALL my most recent posts and leaving me lengthy but the most amazing comments ever and I was 110% bang on! AND yes I LOVE this dress very much so .. colors are just perfect; fit is impeccable and the various ways I have styled it and worn it out has created that neck breaker statement always! Thank you for your love dearest ❤

  2. Wow!!! You are a stunner! I can’t get over your hair! So thick and lovely! Love the dress and heels. I have a chambray shirt that I wear with everything. It’s a total staple in my wardrobe.

    So, I just returned to Ottawa from Vancouver!! We had such a great time! Vancouver is a favourite city of mine…

    • Oh yayy! Glad you enjoyed yourself in my city … it truly is beautiful and there are countless things to do here for fun and relaxation at its finest. Thank you so much for the heart felt comments; I truly appreciate it AND as for my hair … all credit definitely goes to my hair stylist. She is truly a veteran in her field of work. Thank you for stopping by girly! ❤

  3. Wow I love your dress! I really like how you broke down what you liked about the buying process. A very creative post!

    • Thank you so much girly for the wonderful remarks – hands down the best compliment I can ever get from anyone is when the word creative is integrated within the heart felt gestures! Thanks for stopping by ❤

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