#AICW | Sabyasachi X Christian Louboutin

Pinch ME !! No but seriously … I’m freaking flabbergasted at the moment! As if the anticipation of seeing the veteran of elegance and sophistication, Sabyasachi Mukherjee open this grande season of #AICW – Amazon India Couture Week hasn’t had me prancing back and forth counting the hours till showtime … The man of all my hours for #AICW has joined forces with an international miracle worker. AND I’m sure many can agree with me on the note that this specific designer fulfills every inch of emptiness in our hearts with his signature design aesthetic of that marvelous red sole. YES !! CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN. Dead and officially in shoe heaven.

Incase you live under a rock, haven’t experienced life just yet and have not the slightest clue in the world as to who Sabyasachi is … just take a look at the Summer/Resort 2015 campaign for yourselves and that is all.

Sabyasachi_SpringResort2015Eeeeeeeeek. Beyond the moon excited! Be hold of yourself lovelies; for the next several days alongside my other blog posts; I will be sharing some of my favorite designers and looks off the runway of #AICW. Keep posted! ❤

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