#AICW2015 | Sabyasachi X Louboutin ‘Bater’ Couture 2015

‘BATER’ – The amalgamation of virile strength with the fragile and the fragmented creates powerful intimidation.


AND yet again Sabyasachi doesn’t fail to seize all of our hearts and blow our god damn minds with a couture collection inspired by an endangered species of a bird in India – Bater. Sabyasachi welcomed his guests into a mysterious and oh so creepy ambiance of cool rustic windows and untamed fabric drapes before presenting his brilliant men’s wear. In a combination of rich blacks, beiges, garnet reds and that iconic glitz and sequin he definitely set and raised that bar for exceptional men’s wear.


Bater_SabyasachiLouboutin7Untamed and dominating as ever, stepped out the ruthless Sabyasachi women in sleek low buns, stacks of lashes and cohesive attire colors to the faultless men’s wear. I was truly floored by some of the wine red pieces and the impeccable attention to detail in every piece. AND I narrowed down several of my personal favorites below 🙂

Bater_SabyasachiLouboutin8Bater_SabyasachiLouboutin20Bater_SabyasachiLouboutin12Bater_SabyasachiLouboutin22Bater_SabyasachiLouboutin15Bater_SabyasachiLouboutin13Hope you lovelies are noticing the magical yet bad-ass creations by Louboutin and spotting those marvelous red soles. I know when I was first browsing through the pictures, I was anxiously preparing myself to be able to catch my breath when I came across some spikes and that signature animal buckle. AND voila! There they both were and I couldn’t breathe for a good 15 seconds.

Bater_SabyasachiLouboutin16Bater_SabyasachiLouboutin17Bater_SabyasachiLouboutin23All in all … a collection that truly took my breath away and a collaboration that I am sure pulled at the heart strings of all the Sabyasachi and Louboutin fanatics out there. And the AICW madness continues… Bater_SabyasachiLouboutin24Image Source: Tarun Chawla Photography


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