#AICW2015: Monisha Jaising’s ‘Rebel Bride’

#AICW2015 came to a grand finale on Sunday with a jam packed week of refreshing, innovative and oh glamorous batch of runway shows for five consecutive days. Within the next 48 hours, I will be doing a quick round up of catwalk moments that tickled my fancy; starting with my one of my absolute favorite looks I had seen all week!


This novelty B-town superstar had me floored with her ‘rebel bride’ show-stopper look for Monisha Jaising’s Sailing Bride collection. Now … the bridal lehenga was just ‘meh’ to my personal liking as Monisha Jaising is commonly known for incorporating that Bohemian aesthetic into her designs BUT the idea of  mix-matching elements which are completely out of play to a traditional Indian bridal look, of course I’m going to be all over that! Kriti Sanon’s look was styled together with a grey racer-back tank top paired opposite a heavy yet muted color duo lehenga, a sleek ponytail, understated bridal jewelry and OH.EM.GEE. customized embellished, tasteful and sparkly converse sneakers. Died and went to shoe heaven instantly! Not even a sneaker type of gal but HELLO. Sneakers worn with a bridal lehenga; yes you are a bad ass indeed and where can I purchase a pair pronto?!?!


What is even more heart swooning about this look or this entire collection on a whole is the empowering message relevant to today’s modern women. Gone are the days, where every bride wants to be wobbling and tilting over because her bridal lehenga weighs more then her body mass. Monisha’s collection is ideal for the 21st century bride, who envisions dressing up to the nines in Indian attire just on a more subtle, trouble-free and minimal bling platform. If a bride wants to ditch her beautiful Jimmy Choo’s for a pair of limited edition Jordan’s on the most prosperous day of her life … so then be it. (Ha-ha may be a bite extreme but to each their own, right?) AND on a much stronger validation note, shouldn’t we be encouraging brides to be wearing whatever they feel most amaaazing in and whatever it is that is true to their individualism rather then what is “accepted” in today’s society? Still maintaining that Indian touch, Monisha Jaising completely slays this modern, boho infused and less fussy take on bridal wear.


Dying to hear your thoughts on this one my fellow bloggers; drop me a line below! 

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2 thoughts on “#AICW2015: Monisha Jaising’s ‘Rebel Bride’

  1. Love iiiiit! Even though if I was wearing a bridal length I’d want a killer pair of heels, I’d want those converse for that point in the night where it’s time to do the endless hours of dancing so I could be comfortable.

    • That is such a brilliant idea and IF and when I decide to get married I will definitely keep this idea in mind haha because lets be honest I of course want to be wearing those fabulous sky rocket Louboutin’s on my wedding day 🙂

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