#AICW2015: Gaurav Gupta’s ‘Enchanted Forest’

Gaurav Gupta’s models sprinkled in fairy dust transformed as the ‘Nymphs and Goddesses of the Wood,’ as they sauntered down the runway in enchanting and mystical couture creations. Embodying whimsical structures, ultra cool hemlines and cuts, sultry thigh-high slits, body-hugging silhouettes, exaggerated fancy one shoulders and over-elaborated attention to detail; Gupta definitely pulls at the heart strings of the empowering, innovative and adventurous woman through this faultless collection. Maintaining a cohesive soft neutral color palette for majority of the collection, with a rare pop of cobalt blue and pretty burgundy’s, I was floored by the much brighter colors. Here are my personal favorite looks from the show:






I await the days I will be able to legitimately wear such magical, neck breaker creations. Which of the following looks above tickle your fancy?? Let me know below! AND In case you hadn’t read my blog post from yesterday, I am hosting my very first giveaway via Instagram !!!

Click here for the full 411 or check me out on Instagram: @sonamnaidu

Happy Friday my loves ❤ 

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