REVIEW | #MacGBV – Tats Lipstick

I definitely had a lipstick love affair with ‘Tats’ – a gorgeous ‘bright hot pink’ bad boy; as I found myself replacing my two infamous and personal favorite go to, brilliant pink lippies – Girl About Town and Pleasure Bomb (MAC Riri Hearts) with this novelty stunner! This sparkling-matte finish lipstick in a harmonious blend of pretty pinks and radiant purples leaves its color trademark after its worn for a few hours. Its lasting power is truly amazing; within an entire eight hour shift at BCBG I had to re-apply this gorgeous lipstick just once and mind you I am consistently drinking water and coffee throughout the duration of my shift. Just like Margherita, Tats made the final cut as one of my ultimate favorite lipsticks for this summer!


Smooth glide on lippies with swatch colors true to its packaging and the wonderful feeling of my chappers being moisturized … what more can a girl really ask for?! To ensure the opaque application was concealed in between my lip lines and lasted for countless hours, I painted my lips with MAC’s infamous Talking Points lip liner prior to the application of Tats. Ugghhh. If I could wear lipstick to sleep, this would be the shade!

Being a total sucker for vibrant colors and continuing to color-block my outfits to the nines: I pair Tats opposite to warm colors such as cobalt blue and royal purple AND when channeling my inner desi girl, I mix up this bombshell shade with a bright orange! Most days I feel like pushing the boundaries just a tad for that everlasting fun and oh so feminine touch; therefore, I resort to pairing different hues of pink accessories, with a solid crop top and a flirty printed skirt with Tats. AND for a more crisp evening summer look, I choose to wear a LBD and substitute the stunning pink shade for those predictable crisp reds or deep burgundy colors.


 Lipstick lovers!! How would you wear Tats?? 

5 DAYS left to enter my GIVEAWAY lovelies! Contest details are listed here or simply visit my Instagram page: @sonamnaidu. Good luck, good luck, GOOD LUCK! Hope y’all are having a fantastic kick start to your week. Xo.


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9 thoughts on “REVIEW | #MacGBV – Tats Lipstick

  1. That shade looks gorgeous on you 🙂 I tend to stay away from brights but damn you make it look so good!
    The weather is getting warmer so I may take cue from you and pair bright lippies with flirty floral skirts 🙂

    • Haha awwww! You are way too kind; I think I just love the shade and when you simply love something you instantly wear it well (Of course given the fact of what you choose to wear it with) Ugghhh lucky you! Day my day it keeps getting cooler here; I’m slowly pulling my boots into my closet now =(

  2. hey beautiful! you look awesome with all these lip colors! im so envious! I feel like my skin tone stops me from being overly adventurous with lip sticks, so i only have like the basic colors haha. Keep rocking! ❤

    <3, Val

    • Haha oh my gosh! Believe it or not … two years ago I never wore lipstick AT ALL. And when I first started .. I began my collection with neutrals and soon after a brilliant red. It definitely takes getting used to but I’m sure you can pull it off; just believe you can. Only the greatest outcomes come from stepping out of comfort zones … 😉

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