#REVIEW | #MacGBV – Charlotte Lipstick

Guess who stumbled upon a new under-stated yet faultless red lippie?! Duh. Me. This little piggy even embraced her ethnic roots under the magical spell of ‘Charlotte’ – a ‘medium dark red’ shade from the amaaaazing MacGBV’s collaboration for this photo-shoot. I’m sure I speak for many women when I say that nothing quite compares to a new red lipstick, one shade of red is never enough AND if your collection is lacking a warm, play down shade of red in a velvety smooth genius contraption… well then, I guess you kind of need ‘Charlotte’ in your life!


Do not be fooled by the uber cool packaging color as the overall hue of what’s inside is relatively lighter, brighter and down right fabulous. The oh so pretty, matte finish lip enhancer ensures a smooth, no streak application, phenomenal lasting power and forever moisturized chappers. I also found that Charlotte didn’t stain my lips blood red as intensely as other red lipsticks would and the little color residue that was left behind was a no fuss process to entirely eliminate. Although, the only minor flaw I did face was the lipstick flaking after a few hours of wear. The second time I wore this lipstick; I was sure to moisturize with my bubblegum lip scrub from LUSH, followed by lip service from LUSH, painting my lips with Ruby Woo lip liner and finally applying Charlotte with a trusty wand/brush. Don’t forget to pucker up butter cup! (Just in case you spilled outside the lines =P)


During the summer, I go in with the vivid and fun and out with the fierce and bad-ass BUT on days where I am channeling my desi girl ways haha or days I choose to wear navy blue prints and even purples; I never hesitated to grasp a hold of Charlotte and paint my lips to perfection. I’ve put this color to work every-time I have worn floral prints which incorporated a pop of red, an all white on white pairing for the evening (Of course you have to be super careful) AND on my lazy days where I resort to ripped jeans, a uber cool jacket paired with a graphic tee and my sneaker wedges. What conceals those designer bags better then a trusted red lipstick? 😉

Charlotte_Review2Fancy a new red lippie? Charlotte is your bae. TRUST ME. 

With that being said …. Charlotte alongside 4 other beautiful shades can be all yours if you enter my awesome GIVEAWAY via Instagram. 2 DAYS left to enter!! [DATE EXTENDED] and the winner will be announced some point on Monday August 24th, 2015! AND all relevant details are listed here or simply visit my Instagram page: @sonamnaidu.


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