HAUL | July & August 2015

HAUL  July & August 2015

Wow! I know, I know … I should be shunned for my ridiculous procrastinating ways and for completely disregarding my infamous haul segment for not only the month of July but August as well. Ha-ha at a loss of words as I never realized I was two months behind on my haul BUT better late then never right me loves?!? Who am I kidding here ha-ha. I purchased plenty in the last few months and here are my favorite babies:



Need I say more … aside for amaaazing and I have grown to absolutely LOVE each and every shade AND I even purchased a secondary set to host my very first giveaway. Wore them all day every day this summer and there is one specific shade I cannot wait to whip out and rock for this upcoming fall/winter season. Hello Eugenie; you don’t even know it yet but you are going to be my bae in a few weeks or so.



Ladies if you are on the quest for a cost-efficient dry shampoo that ACTUALLY absorbs all the gross oils and even manages to boost your locks with ultra volume and shine; I may have just come to your rescue! Trust me when I say that I have experimented with both affordable and expensive dry shampoo’s and nothing compares to this bad boy from LUSH that costs less then $15! I found that applying the night before I chose to not wash my hair for the next day ensures that you wake up with fruity scented locks and fresh hair. Winning!


These beaut’s make the cut as an essential for this upcoming gloomy season. At first glance, my train of thought was these are not the standard sky-scraper height that I am accustomed to but they’re only $49.90!! No surprise that these are my novelty shoe addiction and whether I am playing it comfy, casual with my distressed denim, cool jacket and graphic tee or catching dinner with a friend in a shirt dress, statement necklace and printed blazer; these lace-up’s are bliss.



So here’s a confession, I don’t know how to apply bronzer. Why I bought this? It looked pretty. When did I buy this? One month ago. Why did I actually buy this? The term limited-edition stresses me out and EVERYONE was talking about it. Will I make a conscious effort to learn how to apply this? Probably not. Ha-ha case closed and there’s $69 I will never see again. Oh the struggles of a beauty amateur …



I cannot begin to express my love for Urban Decay eye shadows – the colors are beautifully pigmented, they hold in place impeccably and their palettes are simply amazing. Of course I own all three of the Naked palettes BUT since I am woman of all shades drama, bold lips and smokey eyes; this palette is seriously everything to me. Like mentioned before I am such an amateur when it comes to makeup application but even I can combine a handful of the colors in this palette and create a decent smoky eye. TRUST ladies; this is $64 well spent and a must-have for your beauty kit.

AND that is all folks! My September haul has started on an extremely spending all my life savings note as I’m overly excited for booties, over-sized trench coats, fringe and mandatory layers.

What’s on your shopping list for Fall?! Let me know below! Xo. 

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13 thoughts on “HAUL | July & August 2015

  1. Love everything you got; the lipsticks, bronzer (don’t worry you’re not the only one who doesn’t know how to use it properly…LOL) and that palette ahhh! I think I may have to go splurge soon bahahah xx

  2. I bought the “spring/summer” version of those scrappy Zara shoes (peep toe version)! They were so painful, I could have cried! Lol! I had to line them with felt to keep the ankle part from scraping off my skin. Sigh. That being said, I’ve never gotten so many compliments on a pair of shoes before.

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