#BLOGGERMASHUP | Mumbai Meets Vancouver


Luckily I’ve got this thing for genuine, creative souls who walk with their heads in the clouds, feet on the ground and eyes on the prize! Hence, I will be forever fascinated as to how the power of social media amalgamates us through our distinctive personal style; whether it be in Vancouver or Mumbai. With absolute certainty I can say that the solo triumph to reach the finish line of this ‘success’ race doesn’t come close to the memories shared and friendships created with the passionate go-getters, motivational artists and ever so charming individuals we stumble upon while sprinting to the top. AND through the years of my personal grind and growth in my profession, I feel fortunate to have met these two style innovators and dream conquerers – the ever so dapper Kam Bains AKA Singh Styles and the gorgeous Jas Sagu of Woman I Love You. Take a walk down memory lane with me as I revisit some beautiful moments of when ‘Mumbai Met Vancouver…’






Simply by following each others day to day ventures on Instagram and admiring one anothers personal style, we developed a down right wicked friendship. Now fast-forward to several months later.. my favorite Vancouver stylist, who is currently pursuing his career change as an image consultant is currently one of my dearest, rather intelligent and amazingly supportive friends. I can always confide on Kam to patiently listen to my endless rants, enligthen me with positive direction all under the influence of 110% honesty and integrity. SO … when the infamous lifestyle and fashion blogger based out of Mumbai, India (so she doesn’t think so) payed her visit to Vancouver, BC; Kam and I aligned our schedules to meet with this darling. The moment I embraced Jas for a hug I felt this instant warmth of character and love for her. Stating the obvious she is a total BABE (Tell me she does not resemble a lot like Lisa Haydon?!?!) but her essence for life, travel, people and passion speaks far beyond her B-town star appeal.





Rallying at the peak of Coal Harbour, Vancouver we shared endless laughs, conversations about food, fashion, travel and beyond. – our chemistry was like a house on fire! It truly felt as if a long-term friendship was being re-kindled after several months to a few years. AND most importantly, despite our unconventional take on personal style we all shared one extraordinary thing in common and that was … an unremmitting devotion to our dreams, success and the things we want to see happen.


SONAM NAIDU | Joggers: Miss Guided | Fur Vest: GUESS? | Stiletto Booties: GUESS? | Sunglasses: Ardene’s | Clutch: BCBG Maxazria | Blouse: BCBG Maxazria | Accessories: Forever 21 | Bangle: Alexis Bittar

JAS SAGU | Jeans : Gap | Crepe Cardigan : Forever 21 | Top : Zara | Oxfords : Viera | Duffel Bag : Louis Vuitton | Sunglasses : Tom Ford | Belt : Gucci

KAM BAINS | Sweatshirt : Forever 21 | Jeans: Zara | Loafers: Aldo | Trench Coat : Topman | Watch: Gucci


Be sure to follow these cool cats on Instagram: @singhstyles @womaniloveyou

Photography Credits : Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to Varinder Kainth for capturing these never forgotten memories for us! Xo.

7 thoughts on “#BLOGGERMASHUP | Mumbai Meets Vancouver

  1. I love the connections we all make through the Internet. I always hear about trolls on the Internet but I’ve been lucky enough to only meet nice people so far! You all are so fabulous and these photos are fantastic!

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