” You must learn to get in touch with the innermost essence of your being. This true essence is beyond the ego. It is fearless; it is free; it is immune to criticism; it does not fear any challenge. It is beneath no one, superior to no one, and full of magic, mystery, and enchantment… Deepak Chopra 


Photography: Katherine Kingston Photography | Hair & MUA: A\S Fusion Studios  | Accessories : BOMBAY Couture   

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13 thoughts on “#MONDAYMANTRA | YOUR BEING

      • Ok – great. Thanks for your patience. I have the post all ready to go and will email to you a little later. As for the images, I will have to send to you tomorrow. I keep losing the good natural light as I leave so early in the morning (still pitch black out) and then get home when it’s dark. SO ANNOYING! I will be leaving a little later tomorrow so I will send off a nice pic first thing tomorrow.

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