#BLOGMAS | 5 Movies To Watch Depending On Your Mood

A#BLOGMAS guest post from the wonderfully hysterical, bubbly and definite future crazy cat lady –
Christina Braccia! Enjoy ❤

Hi guys! I guess I should start by introducing myself, my name is Christina. I have my own beauty and lifestyle blog at ChristinaBeex3.com. I met Sonam through blogging and glad to say she was my first “blog friend”. I know whenever I post I can look forward to her support and witty commentary. When she approached me to collaborate with her for blogmas I was so excited! One thing you should know about me is I am a self professed binge watcher. During the Holiday’s my binge watching is in full force. I love ALL things Christmas. The 25 days of Christmas on ABC family is my jam. Check out my list of my favorite Holiday movies for every mood you experience.

When you hate the world and just want to cry.  
We have all been there when you just need a sad movie to cry your eyes out to. Let it out Girl.

Image Source: Mashable.com

Now if you think this is just a movie having fun adventures with his snowman you, my dear, are SO wrong. You soon realize that the snowman is his dead father who can only connect with his son in snowman form. I have never been able to listen to Stevie Nicks Landslide since without a feeling of sadness.

When you love, love. 
Sometimes you’re so in love that you just want to see the rest of the world as in love with you.

Image Source: Gify.com

Not only is this one of my favorite Christmas movies but it’s one of my favorite movies in general. While Christmas shopping a man and a woman meet and sparks fly. Yet instead of just trading numbers (which would end the movie MUCH sooner) they decide to leave it up to fate on if they will meet. It is so cheesy but SO SO cute. I think if or when I am single I will totally be using this move. It’s just so romantic that I swoon every time.

When you just want to laugh so hard you cry.
Sometimes you just have the giggles but no one is around to laugh with. I mean I won’t lie sometimes I can just talk to myself and laugh BUT that’s for another post.
how-contagious-when-she-cant-stop-laughing (1).gif

Image Source: PopSugar

This movie’s main star is Arnold Schwarzenegger so how can it not have you laughing? I LOVE HIM! I also can relate to this! This is all about a dad on a hunt for his son’s dream gift BUT the problem is, he waited until Christmas Eve. Oh, if you are a procrastinator watch this! It’ll be oh so relatable.

When you’re feeling young at heart.
We all have nostalgia. Sometimes we just need to remember the days we believed in Santa and made sure we went to bed extremely early in hopes he would come faster.

Image Source: Rebloggy.com

I forever will have an undying love for the Grinch. Dr. Seuss will always bring you back to to your childhood. If you haven’t heard of the Grinch it is about a girl who helps a Christmas hater become a Christmas lover.

When it’s time to celebrate.
 When Christmas day is here all I want to do is celebrate. It is time to spend the day with the family and watch a movie that fits all ages.

Image Source: Giphy.com

You know I had to put this movie on the list. If you haven’t seen it, it is an iconic Christmas movie. There is A Christmas Story marathon every Christmas day. It is about a boy who is surviving a bully, wishing for a present, and dealing with his parents. It is so cute and appropriate for all ages.

Thank you guys for reading and a big thank you to Sonam for reaching out to me!

13 thoughts on “#BLOGMAS | 5 Movies To Watch Depending On Your Mood

  1. Hi Christina! Great post 🙂
    I remember watching Serendipity ages ago and absolutely loving it. I will try and watch it again this Christmas. I love movies that make me feel all mushy inside 🙂

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