#SNAPCHAT | AND Why you should follow me.

Hello my loves! Sheesh its been ages and I promise I have a valid reason as to why I have been super MIA; which I will certainly disclose later in this post BUT in the mean time let me introduce to all of you my new best friend – Snapchat.  What intrigues me most about Snapchat is what people choose to showcase to the world within a 10 second time frame and how astoundingly creative and captivating some peoples stories are. On the contrary, we all have those snapchatters on our friends list who choose to make eight video’s on their stories of their cat sitting in one spot NOT purring, or them telling absolutely cringing stories that are NOT funny or the conscious effort to prove that their kids are the absolute cutest. WHY?! I demand a justification as to how and why they think its ok for you to take up 80 seconds of my life or anyone elses. #JustSaying haha.


Now … allow me to let all of you lovelies know what I share on snapchat and why you should follow me:

  • [ WHAT I SHARE ] My day – day ventures in my line of work which includes: occassional outfit posts, things I’m splurging on, what my week looks like, behind the scenes access to all my photoshoots and runway shows and of course jamming out to Justin Bieber (OBSESSED by the way). For those of you wondering where in the hell have I disappeared to??  Well … I made it a goal that this year would be the year in which I would soak my toes into the world of fashion styling, more specifically editorial styling. One project lead to another and I’m at the point where I am just up to my neck with countless gigs and creative projects. Which explains the total abandonment of my blog (Gosh I miss writing and all my fellow blogger friends though wahhhhhh) Miss me? You know what to do 😉
  • [ WHY YOU SHOULD FOLLOW ME ] I am unapologetically myself and stay true to my brand. Keeping my professionalism in check I convey who I am, what I love (passion, interest, hobbies) I have no kids or pets and my stories are usually about my work haha. Moresoover, behind all the glitz and glam, I’m just a normal girl on the quest to conquer my dreams and maybe a little dose of my energy can uplift and motivate you to keep striving until you reach that uttermost star.


Convinced to follow me yet?! Haha I hope so! AND I promise to follow back! Xo.

5 thoughts on “#SNAPCHAT | AND Why you should follow me.

  1. I missed ya!
    Sounds like you have been busy wth super exciting stuff 🙂
    I don’t have Snapchat! I felt old trying to figure out how to use it lol. May give it another shot soonish.
    Have a fab weekend! Xx

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