Born and raised in Vancouver, BC – young Sonam was introduced to fashion at the age of five through her mom’s lust for all the finer things in life and the lavish appeal of South-Indian glamour she absorbed through Bollywood cinema. Fashion was naturally engrained in her DNA as a child and that love stemmed deeper and deeper as she grew older. Upon graduation from high school, Sonam enrolled into post-secondary to attain a diploma in fashion marketing and management. While she pursued a full-time education, she explored various opportunities that allowed her to wear multiple hats as she navigated her journey as a creative artist and manager working in retail.

Being a keener to Bollywood cinema, she naturally fell into working in the South-Indian fashion industry in which she developed a credible portfolio as a creative director, runway coach, event planner, stylist, and creative writer. Sticking to one lane just wasn’t her style and when opportunities presented itself, her ambitious soul never shied away from a challenge, she welcomed growth with open arms, and embraced rejection as a positive guiding light. Although, somewhere along the way, she started to manifest a higher version of her life, preaching to her loved ones that she is “the little girl with big city dreams”.

Eventually, Sonam transitioned her entire world to the city of angels, Los Angeles. In her first year of being in LA, she stumbled upon true love and was granted the opportunity to work alongside reputable brands, A-list celebrities, and a handful of the most inspiring entrepreneurs in the game. The most valuable thing she packed in her suitcase was her admiration for her ethnic background, which allowed her to launch her own fusion accessories line, Namaslay Designs the following year. Today, Sonam is a dimensional artist who is always eager to embrace various ingenious hats as a creative director, fashion stylist, accessories designer, and creative writer. She believes that every single day is a golden opportunity to redefine what being an entrepreneur and independent artist means to her by coercing her creative gifts and love for fashion.

Sonam counts her blessings for the rewarding opportunities within the fashion, entertainment, and experiential marketing industries that continuously ignite passion and enhance her portfolio as a multifaceted artist. When she isn’t on the grind, Sonam nourishes her soul by seeking out sample sales and pop-up experiences in La-La-Land, she indulges in way too much TV, movies, and anime, and she creates content that feels wholesome and intentional to her.