#GirlLove | A Quest To Demolishing Girl On Girl Hate


An empowering movement to forfeit the discouraging issue of girl on girl hate, innovated by the stupidly persistent and astoundingly talented unicorn; AKA iiSuperwomanii.

AND let me break-break-break it down for you … ha-ha! I’m jumping on this bandwagon for the following reasons:

To shed some light on this malicious and exhausting universal issue. Being a women of the 21st century and granted the endless opportunities and abundance of wealth to decipher what journey to embark upon to become these strong and fierce ‘bossbabes’, at one point or another we all have been a victim of girl on girl hate or let’s be honest expressed negative energy of some sort towards another female. Take a step back and think for a second … what gives a female the right to neglect, judge or make assumptions towards the same sex based on what society is feeding her and nonsense she’s cooking up in her own brain? I truly believe and I’m sure a handful of you can relate with me when I say that it comes down to the lack of self respect a women has for herself. At a very young age, I entirely wrapped my head around the fact that every individual on this planet is different and every successful women has walked down a path of struggles and hardships to reach the brink of her triumph (I to will reach and surpass that finish line when the timing is mine 😉 ) AND if we as women can start focusing on our own personal growth, embrace our wonderful flaws, support and uplift one another and truly ‘love ALL of yourself’ … we are steps beyond spreading some much needed #GirlLove.

To support one of the most incredibly hard-working, ridiculously humble and aspiring girly’s we are extremely fortunate to have apart of our entertainment industry; iiSuperwomanii. I don’t believe in the concept of ‘idols’, however I will always admire bae, Lilly Singh for forever keeping it real, stepping outside of her comfort zones to reach that uttermost star and simply loving herself. #TeamSuper forever and ever and ever and ever …

Inspired much?! I really hope so. Now, let’s subtract this girl on girl hate and multiply some much needed #GirlLove! Nominate and give a shout out to those remarkable women in your life who deserve it or simply might need a dose of uplifting spirit. AND iiSuperwomanii has pledged to donate every penny that the video earns to The Malala Fund in support of girls’ education globally … Ready. Set. GO! PS: Its #WomenCrushWednesday … how convenient 😉 Happy hump day my loves! Xo.